10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Sixty)

I’ve written ten poems for sixty consecutive days. That seems like a lot.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 60

Poem 1:
A mother I never knew
With just the one kid left
She knows his friend’s names
Who know her
A woman I never met before.
Who had a kid outside of work.

Poem 2:
Mark on my calendar
Last day I wore shorts
It’s getting dark
I want to remember the light on my legs
For next year’s calendar

Poem 3:
Dear pirates,
Capture me so I have a story to tell
Horrors happen
So I’m not so everyday
I see it daily
Normal to me
Useless to say
You won’t find it interesting

Poem 4:
I answer your questions
With three words
Because it would be bad if you disliked me
I would get kicked out

Poem 5:
I bought jeans today
Cashier never looked
Empty stores would be better
Leave my cash in a drawer
So I wouldn’t be in another way
I could get what I wanted
No elbows to bump
If you’re already not looking at me

Poem 6:
Rain soaked through my first jacket
My bones were cold
I wrapped in blankets after sweater
Not enough heat in the world
Like David when he was dying
You could wrap pretty young virgins on me
And I’d still be freezing

Poem 7:
I want to have done something
No courage to go out and do
If I had done it great
I would do more
But I can’t start that yet
I don’t think I’d stop moving

Poem 8:
Marry someone already let go
You said always up in front
Now you say it to me
No different to break
My forever

Poem 9:
I am fluff on the piece of hair
Waiting to be seen
Then pulled off
Thrown on the floor
Swept up and
Found safely in the trash
Leave where I landed soon

Poem 10:
He would fix us a side dish
Always ask noodles or rice
We said noodles day in and out
Once, without my sister there
I said rice
He said maybe it wasn’t so good but
He served it anyway
I think I ate dead bugs or shells
I couldn’t say what’s this
He served it
As his own
To be eaten
No couldn’t buy more


7 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Sixty)

      1. Sibylle Ingeborg Preuschat

        I’m glad you feel that way. I too find it fascinating to compare how I perceive a particular piece of writing with how others perceive it. For me, the imagery in Poem 2, especially the line about the light and the legs, just leapt out at me with such vividness, partly because it reminded me of looking at my own legs and skin in the late summer light…


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