10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Fifty-Eight)

Yesterday I dreamt a big yellow bear yelled at me about my sewing skills. Now for some poetry.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 58

Poem 1:
I met a nice woman
I’m going to taint her with
My Goya darkness of the mind.
I’ll just, I’ll stay away.
Let the nice ones keep the yearning to be darker.

Poem 2:
It’s time to turn cold again
Yes finally
I can take down my sensors
And filters
Polite and kindness folded up for the season
And be as cold as I want

Poem 3:
I would like to sing a song to her
Girl not yet born
Of me by me.
I’ll play her music while she’s there
Listen to high floating tones
Hold her in my arms
Before she slips
After I slip
Forget she’s not there

Poem 4:
He came out still.
But it was my fault
I did something to cause this
There’s so much blood
He won’t move.
I don’t like polka-dots,
These dots on my gown.
I made something wrong
Instead of life.

Poem 5:
We sat in a Starbucks
She poured coffee
I poured my soul out
Drip by drip
All my anguishes and fears and griefs and worries
She looked at me then looked away
Dodged my open questions
To start talking about the cute boy at the counter.
Poured out won’t go back in, though she gave them to me.

Poem 6:
A strange grease on all her pans
My grandma’s hand downs
I thought unclean
Not properly washed.
After I started baking,
Those grease layers appeared on mine,
She was a baker. We did the same.

Poem 7:
Wore new shoes today
Didn’t hurt my feet
I like them.
They all won’t like them.
I’ll wear something else tomorrow.

Poem 8:
Little capsules of purple paint
I held in the car
The beige backseat
I spilled one on the way home from the mall
A splotch.
She yelled.
I promised me then, I wouldn’t paint anymore.
Never again, so she couldn’t yell.

Poem 9:
Grabbed old pillow cases
To the top of the carpeted stairs
In the new box brick house home
We slid down feet first
16 steps, I counted
I giggled and ran my hand against
Yellow lined paper
No one told me I could fall.

Poem 10:
I want to go to eat somewhere
I think you don’t want to go
But I want it to be your idea
I don’t want the responsibility of
This was my choice
I want you to suggest it
So I can agree
And there’s no scorecard tallies
For my tastes.


6 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Fifty-Eight)

  1. carolyninjoy

    Poem 2:
    It’s time to turn cold again
    Yes finally
    I can take down my sensors
    And filters
    Polite and kindness folded up for the season
    And be as cold as I want

    I love this. I’m looking forward to a time I can take down my sensors. Thank you.

    Number four brought therapeutic weeping. It made my heart & memory ache.

    Number ten was great. It reminded me of the scene of the vultures in The Jungle Book: “Whatcha wanta do?” I dunno, whatchu wanta do?”

    Excellent poems. What made you decide to have a poem every two minutes? Did you use prompts? Interesting technique.

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      Leave it to Kipling to make animals so human.

      The first day I wrote my heart out. Then I noticed it had only been twenty minutes. I thought I might be able to do that again. So I did. It has sort of snowballed since then.

      I don’t usually use prompts. If I get stuck, I go through the catalog in my head of what happened yesterday, and I look for emotions. I write about that.

      1. carolyninjoy

        I’ve read that emotion makes a deeper groove in our brains. I believe that. The ironic thing is, the experienced doesn’t have to have really happened.

        Great ideas. I’ll have to set a timer. 🙂


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