10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Fifty-Five)

I’m sleepy today. I would like to petition to the dwarves for a permanent place. We’ll make eight.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 55

Poem 1:
He wanted an extra garlic roll,
If his son got one,
He deserved it.
No one else should have more than him.
After all the work he did today.
He paid for this house you know.
They would leave soon.
Then it would be quieter.

Poem 2:
Someone to talk to
I’d like that I think
But if I go imagining
Just exactly what I want out of my sounding board
I’ll reject anyone I might find

Poem 3:
Because he cares
His heart’s in the right place.
He gives me new open job applications
Available around town.
Like he’s scouring the globe looking for
Daughter redemption with a position.
This is how I help. He thinks.
I am helping. If she won’t look,
I’ll look for her.
See how great I am.
I will solve all your problems if you just listen to me.

Poem 4:
I had an opportunity to talk
Just today
Conversing about what I knew
But I said nothing
Trite and turned
You don’t like to talk after all this.

Poem 5:
I read the same part of the book again
Waiting to feel the way it will
Like the song I use to cheer me up
I know how I’ll react
Think the same thoughts
See the same words
And only I’ll change.

Poem 6:
C’mon then
Hurry up.
Everyday someone tells him
You’re going too slow
Slow enough
Slow enough to still end

Poem 7:
My hours collect to months
My days to weeks
Then the year
The whole year
I’ve been thinking this way
This same way.

Poem 8:
I knocked over the lamp I have at edge of the stand
Glass broke on the carpet
But I keep stepping over it
I haven’t cleaned it up
Because I told myself I should clean it up
Now I don’t take orders
The rational ‘I should do this’
Doesn’t listen to I can do it later

Poem 9:
I opened the window
The dead bugs in the sill got some air
My view, a graveyard
The some who never got in

Poem 10:
I didn’t know the answer I thought was right
Was the right one to give, frozen
Staring, she knew I should know this
But I blubbered my lips up and down
With the straight confidence of controlling silence
And she called on someone else.

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