10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Fifty-One)

It’s been a long day. Actually, I don’t remember the last short day.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 51

Poem 1:
It’s going to slip away
If I let it
I’ll watch it go
Be nothing again
Just like it was before
Whatever this is
And it won’t matter to me
Not anymore, all over again

Poem 2:
I didn’t do what I was supposed to
I had it all set up
Strings to the ground
Making headway
Getting a reference
Who’s name I could write down
There it went
I threw it away on purpose
By choosing to stay still

Poem 3:
I am not in a hurry
Not to tell
They’re not going anywhere
They just become forgotten
Where they belong

Poem 4:
I forgot the dead dog wasn’t here
I went to step over her
After I opened the bedroom door
To where she always was
And I hit the floor hard
How had I forgotten after
All this time.

Poem 5:
I made a sound in the forest
But the trees heard nothing
Collected, and absorbed,
Lost in the sounds of the bugs
And birds
It cost me nothing, my small sound
Gave nothing to the tall trees
But I made it, I know for sure

Poem 6:
My brother said to me
Not everything is an argument
After I asked why
Keeping a jar of fortune cookies is sacrilegious
He raised his voice
I didn’t want to stay quiet or penitent
So I raised my eyebrows
Looked and him and waited
Till he turned to look at me
I hope he took from my expression
What I meant to give.
I’ll meet him with silence that much more often.

Poem 7:
It’s been a day
Where it’s all pointless.
I lay my hair down flat against the pillow
I touched the ends of the strands hoping to be able to feel it
In my head
I couldn’t tell it had moved.

Poem 8:
I should be doing this
Getting going
Having a say
And direction and forethought with people and futures
Instead I’m sitting.
Everyday thinking
Tomorrow I’ll do everything
And I’ll get out of this hell.

Poem 9:
Dad’s old computer used MSDOS
And green text and those c:// commands on a monitor that seems huge now
But it worked, and had worked, for years.
He had typed out his whole sermon he told me,
But I pressed some button.
I must have done something.
After it went all wrong.
What have you done.
That wasn’t saved. He was yelling at me.
I just tried to open a game.
He got so loud
In that tone that still makes me small.
He called two days later.
Oh hey, casual,
The computer read out the same message again.
It must not have been you.
Whoops sorry.

Poem 10:
You can’t say anything
Against these people holding you
Sheltering you from your lack of work
Can’t say anything
Must be docile and smooth
Because you have no say
No room to say
No way to say anything
Without just criticism
Or the phrase it’s my house


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