10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Fifty)

I wrote five hundred poems in fifty days. Each set of ten I wrote in twenty minutes. Today makes five hundred poems total. To mark this momentous occasion, I decided to break with my standard verse, and rhyme. God help me. Other gods help me. I am no rapper with mad skillz.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 50

Poem 1:
He chastised me
Saying, not everything has to be defended
I did not mean to seem
As though I constantly intended
To be offended

Poem 2:
My mind types alone
Sometimes without me in it
It won’t take more toner
It doesn’t need to quit
I can just phone in what I’m supposed to say
Heys, unknown to my own

Poem 3:
There sits on my desk a flower
It does not cower
Without much power
It flops over on itself
All alone on my shelf
Waiting to die in water

Poem 4:
I have to shush myself down
Calm down, sit down, lie now
After I remember a past
A moment ago when, last
I embarrassed me
I cast this memory in iron

Poem 5:
I took a walk once near some trees
But books to be had turned the leaves
And the green had started to fade
I turned old and gray in that shade

Poem 6:
Stop for a second and
Tell me what you’re doing
You’re subduing and chewing on fat
Instead of telling me what’s happened
What’s going on?

Poem 7:
I sat yesterday and read
Instead of going to bed
But the book was lovely
Full of bubbly and cuddly
Little bits of flim and flare
So much better than daring to care about where one
Might be tomorrow, undone

Poem 8:
Is two a pack of dogs?
Together they would jog
But after one died
The other didn’t cry
But frog leapt to pack leader
An all around good breeder

Poem 9:
How do I say this nicely?
It’s a perpetual question, I see.
I must tell you what’s wrong
But not string you along
And not hurt your feelings either

Poem 10:
There’s mold above the tub
So everyday I stare
That stub
I try not to care
For black dots of grim and to be scrubbed


7 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Fifty)

  1. psychopathsgetbored28

    Five hundred poems in fifty days and that in one thousand minutes – That is a great feat! And these twenty rhyming verses are as brilliant as the other four hundred and ninety. Write more, I say!


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