10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Forty-Nine)

So, it looks like tomorrow I will have written for fifty straight days. I think to honor this occasion, I’ll write rhyming poems tomorrow. Prepare yourselves for the dregs of dreadfulness.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 49

Poem 1:
I got up because he asked me to
To speak to my class of four hundred
Because I knew I was a good speaker
Excited to see if I could
Ashamed of this self-pride
And worried I didn’t wear the right sweater
I had only notes written out on the back of a Rally’s receipt
But I knew what is was I wanted to say
I wanted to preach tolerance, of me
The way I’d seen nothing else heartfelt
They told me I did a good job
When I was in the haze of post public performance
But I’d missed my last point and gotten lost in a bad bumbled train
They congratulated the effort
It would be better if they said what they saw
You looked nervous and fumbly
But we feel bad for you because you almost cried
And we don’t know what else to do

Poem 2:
In a big parade line of cars
We ended up at Grandpa’s funeral
Waiting for something
For a casket to get moved
So we could walk behind it
In our black
But something was taking a minute
So Grandma called out
“Let’s get this show on the road.”
I laughed behind my hand
Felt guilty for laughing at a funeral
And straightened myself

Poem 3:
Dad had taken lessons
He had told me
So he could dance properly
With my sister
For her bridal twirl
But she didn’t care
He didn’t explain to her why he wanted her to learn
So he embarrassed her on her white day
By whispering to her how to move her feet
So she wouldn’t fumble in his arms

Poem 4:
Car rides suck.
I stared at the back of her seat.
Empress sister sat, home on leave, sat in front.
She degraded me, how could you not visit Dad more often.
You know how much he cares about you.
You won’t have this time again.
You owe him this much..
Mom didn’t stop it.
She played out her guilt on me.
I told myself she put her guilt on me.
I cried in the backseat.
Just like she wanted.
So I would make up the time she didn’t spend with the other parent.

Poem 5:
I’m missing it
I’m sure of that
The one thing will change how I see everything
Make me look differently at all I do
Create awareness of all my wrong
Then I can notice it all differently
Get out of my own head

Poem 6:
We went to the Zoo
Such a special treat.
But the bears hid in the corner.
Like the cows, next to the house,
Always walk along the fence.
I felt trapped for them.
But I’m better than they are
Because I’m on this side
Thinking about them.

Poem 7:
I leave a piece of trash on the ground
Because it looks right there
Like I could stand to see it right there
A couple more times.

Poem 8:
He made us share books
So the guy next to me
Got to see my private, handwritten, scribbles
About how that character’s duplicity
Came as a total shock
He knew what I didn’t intend to share
Privacy invaded on a printed square

Poem 9:
A boy with curls in his hair
Played songs for me on his guitar
I sat on the concrete flouted bench
Thinking I was bored
Remembering all the concerts, bored, I’d been to.
His curly hair impressed me more
He would be an anesthesiologist, he said.
I would listen to his guitar for seven years through med school
I liked his hair that much.

Poem 10:
We’d send messages back and forth
Our mother’s the hippos
Who rampaged when they suddenly
Got hot or cold


5 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Forty-Nine)

  1. strangenana

    I love this whole set up of the 10 poems in 20 minutes. Anytime put aside in your day to write is a good day, I might try this out just to make myself write! Plus your work is FANTASTIC


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