10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Forty-Eight)

Cornbread muffins sound good. The kind that are fried in leftover bacon grease in an iron skillet.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 48

Poem 1:
Must have been short for something
He had a beard and I could see his chest hair
From ironed polos.
He looked at me, nervous
Like, I might puke on him soon
Or cut off his arm.
I met him outside the chem building
On chance
He told me about the woman he lived with
Still with wide eyes.
I waved him off.
Later checked to see that
One button of my dress came undone.

Poem 2:
After the wedding
Once they were dropped off at the hotel
We all had to go back home
And go to sleep
After brushing our teeth
While they got to start something new

Poem 3:
She said, I just get more done
Than normal people
In a day.
They would be surprised
If they saw all I got done
They’d say,
You couldn’t get all that done
In one day.
She said this to me.
Proving superiority
Or just talking to herself
Forgetting I was there. I who do nothing.
For work corollary to goodness of life.

Poem 4:
Boom, the transformer blew
How fast it changed without power
Candles, and don’t open the fridge
Inevitable worries for, what if it never comes back on
How fast I change without power
Quieter, reserved, unlit

Poem 5:
She looked me over
Thinking, yes, you’re ready
We went to the bathroom
Water running and two razor blades
A pink can with rust on the bottom and a plastic pop off lid
I shaved off my blonde leg hair
Swiping down, not up.
Mom found out
Saying, I wanted to show her
She was mad at me
For letting me be taught.

Poem 6:
I don’t mind being watched
Knowing it’s being recorded
But it scares me.
If I wanted something gone
I could never be sure
It wouldn’t stay there forever.

Poem 7:
One tulip leaf comes up
Next to the old basketball hoop
A little bit of green next to rusted painted rusted black metal
Not a flower, just a leaf
Dad chops it down with the mower
And I beg him to let it be
In case it turns beautiful

Poem 8:
Swam in the above ground blue lined pool
All his relatives over
Richard hovered over me
I got stuck under the water
Couldn’t get
I pushed up
Bodies over me
Too many
So I went wild eyed when I broke the surface

Poem 9:
Fasten yourself to a car
Let it drive you
Where it wants to go
It knows better
When you just don’t think

Poem 10:
So beautiful it was almost funny
Impossible for so much
To exist


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