Soup Dude

drawing of a smiley guy with bro hair

this cheery dude, man, looks so delighted, he’s probably daydreaming about doughnuts or coffeecake, he looks like a cheesecake guy to me, maybe he’s not daydreaming, maybe the girl sitting across from him just told the funniest story


7 thoughts on “Soup Dude

      1. talesbytink

        I recommend researching ‘gesture drawing’, and looking at famous artists’ examples of the form. It’s a way to draw fast (not perfectly) and to capture the essence of a pose or person. These are purely skill raising exercises at first, but it will become addictive and your drawing will improve the more you do them. One day you will look at a drawing and go ‘oh wow, that really captured the feel of that person!’. I also highly recommend finding yourself a life drawing class. It will teach you everything you need to know about drawing and give you a whole new understanding of the human figure. I think you have a lot of talent worth pursuing (I’ve worked as an artists’ model for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of drawing!) and these are infallible methods of getting yourself to the level that you want to be at. All the best with it!


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