Scribbled Hair Dancer

drawing of a dancer with her eyes down

i think i spent too long on this one, if i spend less time they seem to be better


13 thoughts on “Scribbled Hair Dancer

  1. talesbytink

    I woke up thinking about this this morning, and I wanted to add some thoughts to this person’s. I think it’s important as an artist (of any sort, muso, writer, painter etc) to be aware of the difference between criticism and critique. Very often we confuse the two because the word criticism is used in both senses. But a good critic has a very important function, they place the work among other works; they tell of its strengths and its inferences to other pre-existing modes of art or artists, they demonstrate where the work may be erroneous or false in its assumptions, they show where it hits the mark. In short, it is the highest form of flattery to receive good criticism. A work unworthy of it doesn’t get comment. As artists we are naturally our first critics. And I think it’s important to be a critic, rather than a simple detractor. Yes, you do see the faults in your work, but you must also start to realistically appraise your work in the eyes of a true critic; where is it working, how is it like someone else’s style or idea, how have you detached yourself from that influence and made it yours, etc… In order to survive and thrive as an artist you need to learn the art of critical reflection; that is how you will really grow and develop as an artist, and your work will only follow suit, because you will be in pursuit of excellence, as opposed to perfection.

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      Yes, I tend to agree. I find that I use the space under the images (which I think is what you’re talking about) to voice a thought going through my mind at the time of completion. While mostly these are negative aspects of the drawing itself, I personally don’t attach the worth of a drawing to its relation to life or it’s exactness of natural representation. Rather I judge a completed drawing on an internal standard. I don’t tend to share these personal opinions, because I hope other make their own judgements.

  2. Willy Nilly

    It’s a very good sketch. The all of it is better than the parts of it. Many masterpieces are far less defined in detail but overall pleasing. I guess it all depends on what you wish to achieve and self criticism in the artist is what drives the will to get better. Just don’t be too harsh. Try experimenting with just letting yourself go and sketch with no intent, letting the image unfold and shape itself. Let the details unfold as they will. What differences do you see then? Would love to see you post more of your art and of course, your poems are captivating as well.


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