10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Forty-Four)

It’s been a bad week if getting laundry done seems like an accomplishment.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 44

Poem 1:
To the prince of power
I bow to say hello
Might I ask you for a favor
A token of your gift
Give to me
A hand of wonders
That will do what I please
What I ask it
Not this disobedient one
It keeps moving on it’s own

Poem 2:
She asked the origin of the blister
On my heel back
I told her I walked the River Trail
When did you do this?
And here you tell me
Also you volunteer?
It’s like you have this whole other life.
Why haven’t you told me?

Poem 3:
You came to me only to say goodbye
Didn’t talk to me before then
I’m missing some code
Dot dash talk to me
Bit beep please

Poem 4:
Don’t trivialize me
Or what I feel
It’s just as there
As what you are
Even if it doesn’t shake stones
I matter just as much as you
Listen to me for just as long

Poem 5:
Today I say,
Tomorrow will be good.
I’ll start then. All will be better.
The land of green isn’t over the hedge, but past sleep.
All the promises I make myself
Right before I fall asleep.
They land in the green to be forgotten.

Poem 6:
I crunched up my dollar
To better throw across the room to my purse.
Many others get paid like this
Thrown little bills
Wadded up
Tossed toward
Where they hold them
To unravel the one dollar
To have to take care
Of the one dollar
Such care to keep and make and hold
Just one bill

Poem 7:
Dad didn’t make you wash your hair
Up to you
He didn’t care
So for a whole summer
Spent there in the red brick house
I watched what happened
To unwashed hair
An attached experiment
After about a week
It looks normal again
Hair says, I got used to this, that’s fine
I got used to supervision before that
And I didn’t wash my hair without it

Poem 8:
Concentrate to the different way
Cot and caught
I will find the difference in the speech
So I won’t sound like where I come from
Stop stringing me to this place

Poem 9:
Transfer to the new place
Feels like you should have been there longer
So you could know the insides
Names and habits
Trading schools makes a want to have lost
Previous memories
And hold ones with these people
Not making up for the lost

Poem 10:
I wish my eyes were laserbeams,
But I could control it,
And I could scale off parts of me I didn’t like.
I’d need an undo button.
Zip, no more freckle there.
Slotch, smaller thighs.
Pow, won’t have to listen to you anymore.


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