10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Forty-Three)

I had honey on my toast this morning. I love honey. Can I pay bees on retainer?

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 43

Poem 1:
We’d go down by a lake
After we’d pack the car
With fishing poles
And buy something from a
Live bait vending machine
Dad’d wear his floppy green hat
And I’d have on big rubber boots
That’s how it would go
If he taught me to fish
If he had a father that taught him to fish
One that survived

Poem 2:
I wait till the house empties out
To practice singing
Sing my soul out
That’s why I don’t mind
So much
When she drags me to church
You can sing, loud as you want
Your whole soul out

Poem 3:
I hate you so much
I can’t even look at you
So frustrated you can’t do
Anything right
At all
It can’t be that hard
I’m avoiding mirrors today

Poem 4:
He spouts references to all the ancient texts
Known by heart and head and good guesses at page numbers
We went back for Grandma’s funeral
All his old school friends said
He couldn’t play basketball
But head and shoulders smarter than the rest of us
All that knowing gives you reason not to care
If the dishes in the sink are clean
Or if you own a vacuum cleaner
Our trivial hearts are mere pittances
In comparison with your great truths

Poem 5:
New pair of shoes came in a box
The box with more labels hid in the second box
Just like my last ones
Same size and names and stars
No cracked rubber
How far will these ones take me
Those ones walked me for five years
On my own two feet

Poem 6:
I want to write about
A great woman
With the strength of the world and will
Who’s strong and ugly
And funny brave
Fears only defeat
Or eyeball piercings
But I can’t write that
Strength I don’t see or feel
So she stays silent
With her fiery red hair

Poem 7:
I skipped again
What I should have done today
Listed all out with
Bullet points
To kill lazy
Again, the failure sits and types
Not even what I was supposed to
Missed my own disappointments

Poem 8:
Required dress up for extra credit
For some project from Mrs. Daniel
About Greek goddesses and pantheons
I had Hera
Green and decked out in jealousy
I borrowed a friend’s couch blanket
Mom couldn’t drive me to buy green tulle fluff
I thought she was so nice
To lend me something green
Jealousy colored
But to Kim, she called me
Nasty things about the weight it added
How hot I must be

Poem 9:
Every night she read to me
Till I fell asleep
She forgot in 5th grade
Over “Mickey’s Christmas Something”
I woke with the book in my hands
She didn’t have to read to me anymore
Or say goodnight
I was fine
Just go

Poem 10:
Took two orange pills for the pain
And waited for it to go away
Still crying
But with fewer edges
Round little swallowed sandpaper bits
Wear down tears a bit


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