10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Forty-Two)

I don’t think these are very good today. A waste of expression.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 42

Poem 1:
Once there was a girl
Once was all she had
She died the next day
Or it felt like a day to me

Poem 2:
We stood outside the car
At the drop off point
Divorced people for once agreed
Mom held out the letter
If she and Dad weren’t fighting
It should starting raining on me soon
How did this happen
Can you fix it
Do you know what this means
Do you need a tutor
No, it was an accident
It’s already fixed
It’s ok
Attention for failure

Poem 3:
I didn’t do the homework
Got home saying I’ll do all this before I start playing
So it’s done and out of the way
But first
Then it was time to eat
And clean
We had to run to the store
It’s too late now to do a good job of the homework
You should have started hours ago
You promised you wouldn’t do this
Why can’t you keep your word
It’s not like you even have to do a good job
I’ll just play for like fifteen minutes
Top of the hour
Then I’m being told to brush my teeth
I won’t miss sleep because of one
I can do it in the morning anyway
He won’t even collect it

Poem 4:
Action I repeat everyday
I try to do it a different way
So I can hear a new sound
End everything I keep hearing
Try to break into somewhere new

Poem 5:
I won’t tell any stories
I don’t do anything
It has to go wrong
To have something to tell
And I don’t go

Poem 6:
Called out my name
Is that you
Oh you haven’t changed
Hadn’t seen her since we graduated
I had just dropped my guard
With these new people
She laughed
I knew it was you
I could tell from how loud you were
Guard up, never stopping again

Poem 7:
To her, I should have said
You don’t see people
Ideas become a caricature
Won’t really love until
Understand, don’t toy with people
They’re not a cute little thing
Complex with hate and grudges
Instead you see me as you always have
A little smart thing to be ignored
Who fits a certain way
No love in you
Can’t love with that pinned

Poem 8:
My bag has morals in it
Morals of paper and sand
I carry them around
Give my sand to open hands
Take all that I can offer
It’s so precious
There’s so little of it

Poem 9:
She married beneath her mind
So she could control him
Idiots so easily coerced
Moved around
Good for her

Poem 10:
Keep asking
I won’t tell you what’s wrong
It’s mostly you
And all the world around you
I’ll wait here
Till you see another side


9 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Forty-Two)

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      I’m glad you liked a couple poems.
      To answer your question. Yes, Poem 2 is based on a personal experience. If memory serves, though, it was actually raining that day. It was not the figurative rain I implied.

  1. billgncs

    today’s a good day to stop over at dversepoets.com and write to the prompt, if your homework’s done, if you teeth are brushed 🙂
    I think everyone would be happy to meet you.


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