I’ll Be Anyone

drawing of a woman with a written caption

now i’m singing sondheim, somone to hold me to close, somone to force you to care


5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Anyone

  1. randomlyaccessedpoetics

    Your comic reminds me of an episode of BRADY BUNCH where some tells Peter that he needs a personality. So, he tries to mimic known tv personalities. Eventually, one of his folks tells him that he is a unique person born with his own personality.

    When we are young, we don’t know how to be ourselves. And often when we are adults we don’t give ourselves permission to be ourselves (in public).

    I guess what I am trying to get at is that people need to be given permission (by an authority figure) to be themselves. And that is what I get out of your statement LET ME BE SOMEONE.

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      All good points. I like that you took it to mean that. Different interpretations, to me, usually reveal more about the interpreter than the work itself. Good stuff.

      If you’re interested, I used the word someone here, because it is ambiguous. My original meaning was the “someone” that implies an important figure, like the “somebody” in Marlon Brando’s “couldda been somebody.” But, of course, intent is only determined by viewers.


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