10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Thirty-Four)

Here’s what I wrote for the thirty-fourth day in a row of poetry. I have a craving for oranges.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 34

Poem 1:
I said it to him because no one else had
My God, your father
Gets angry so easily.
I had to make sure he knew that was wrong
To find hostility everywhere
He looked at me to see a confirmation of what he’d thought
Given credence by another face
To know that what’s in this house
Far from normal

Poem 2:
Nervous all the time
What if they find out
So I just tell them straight
See my shame as it is
I will not hide this fault of mine.
I didn’t do anything this summer.

Poem 3:
A weird art exhibit from a grad student
I got to take off my shoes
Experience with feet
Dug my toes in kid’s sandbox sand
Heated by a space
Wind on my face from a propeller fan
Lounge chair from Target
Projecting Microsoft desktop backgrounds of paradise
Sung by an iPod playlist of googled, beach sounds

Poem 4:
But he wasn’t there
I looked and waited,
Missed him.
I miss him.
I’m attached
This is no good.

Poem 5:
Kyleigh wore bleach blond hair
Invisible eyebrows that pale
She would push my books off my desk
When she giggled her whole face turned red
Looking for retaliation
Spanish book bent the corner cover
Sighed and picked up my papers
So she could push them off again
Waiting for her game to end
I remember, her hair was in the highest pony tails

Poem 6:
Girl who led the Bible study
When I went to that for casseroles
Preached from her chair about Jesus and love
How much God meant to her
I found her at the lock-in
Dark around a boy I knew from middle school
Who had rough callused palms and smiled at me
They had put two library chairs together
From what I could make out before I turned

Poem 7:
From here, though
I’ll only have more responsibility
I’ll never see fewer strings than now
But I have a feeling
Once I’m settled with shiny rings and promises
And I said I woulds
I’ll just bolt

Poem 8:
I tell him, of course, I’ve done that
Never a first
Can’t have firsts
Newbies are dependent
I stand alone

Poem 9:
Stared at him while I sang my solo
New guy sat in the back
Under our wooden arches from 1861
He visited to see my dad
So he could get married
But he looked back at me

Poem 10:
Speaks kindly to the dogs
Treats ‘em better than us
But they don’t know, right
They don’t know those faults of his
So he likes them more


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