10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Thirty-Three)

Hey, another palindrome number. Love those double number days. All doubly and numbered.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 33

Poem 1:
House leaned by the crick
When I drive far south
I wannna stop off by 104 B
Turn right by the High School
Left at the dead end fork
Find the house I grew in
See same walls
Hold crumbled brick
And say
Hello you old thing
I’m still here

Poem 2:
My boxes live out of me
Eat up space in my parent’s garage
Collect the necessities I may need later
Find purpose in perpetual storage
Because you’re never getting out of here

Poem 3:
I live now where before I stopped for laundry
Skittered out as fast as I could
Everyday I say, I have to get out of here
As my feet delve below the carpet line
I trudge through rafters
A cabinet grows out of my arm
I must leave this place
It ate me
Made me part of the furniture

Poem 4:
And the monster spoke
Saying, I’ll sit with you while you eat
I cannot refuse a kindness from this resident house monster
So he sits
Eats pizza
Plays slots on his phone

Poem 5:
It beeped
It meant, here’s a message for you
Just for you
I did all this work to bring you lines of text
You could at least look at it
It travelled so far for you
All dots and lines and dashes
But it’s from him
I know what it says
Maybe it’s from someone else with bad timing

Poem 6:
I met Karl Rove once
With Obama’s Press Secretary
I shot my hand up after the spiel
To ask, how would you run the other’s campaign
He looked at me and didn’t see my face
Rattled off some political history to impress
Fixed his fancy tie and smiled toward at us young people
Powerful man shows scuffs on his shoes
Took us with the grains we were
Gave us prepared answers for 501-c3s
Tupperware students deserve leftover answers

Poem 7:
I say the reason I won’t kill myself
I value life, all forms
Answers it for now
Like the reasoning behind the first death
Hold on to it as long as you can

Poem 8:
Don’t you like me?
You keep leaving
I meet you
And smile, charm if I wanna
But you don’t say, come to my thing next week
Or here, meet her
Quit forgetting about me, I’m right here
Give me some people

Poem 9:
In Austin on the bridge
Waiting for the bats
Who never showed up
Oh, one or two flew
But no great migration that deserved these people
We stood on a bridge at watched the boats
Waiting for the bats
Holding onto the bridge
Listening to the cars
We drove all the way home
Made the story a thing
Waiting for the bats

Poem 10:
Don’t tell me to fix my hair
Yes, that piece doesn’t belong there
I won’t be prettied up to be bought by
Checking eyes


9 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Thirty-Three)

  1. bostonpoetry

    It does. And there wasn’t any implication in my asking, I was just curious.
    A hole to China, eh? Sure, but only if I can come. I’ve got a wicked craving for Chinese food now.

  2. bostonpoetry

    Hola, just dropping a line. Some thoughts:
    Poem 1 is lovely melancholia.
    Poem 2 is positively brilliant. The last line. Perfect.
    Poem 3- love the line ‘a cabinet grows out of my arm’ and how that plays out.
    Poem 5- there’s hurt in here.
    Poem 8- I feel the same way.
    Poem 10- damn straight.
    A really strong set. When you post these, are they prior to editing?
    I’m really, really digging your writing.

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      I write them all in one go. I read over them to check for glaring, unintentional grammar mistakes and dropped words. I copy them over to the blog and erase the messages and timestamps I left myself like, “double check that’s how you spell spiel.” Then, I post them. I try really hard to write and read over them in twenty minutes. Does that answer your question?

      I’m like, dude, totally, super-duper flattered. Will you dig me a hole to China?


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