10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Thirty-Two)

I wrote lots a poems, poemy, poem, poems.

I Wrote 10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 32

Poem 1:
They sent me this piece of paper in the mail
I can add to the rest
Now I go live my life
Go back to what was four years before
There’s just not much here

Poem 2:
I want to blame everyone else
Why didn’t they tell me what to do?
Why didn’t someone give me a profession?
Why won’t someone take me under a wing?
Why can’t I do anything?
Jobless with a brain
Don’t tell anyone

Poem 3:
There’s a job I should get
Out there
To make money
But I haven’t done anything
So I’m scared to fill out
So I don’t
Then I don’t do anything
So I have nothing to put down
Then I feel guilty for having nothing
Makes me think not good enough
So I don’t have it
To apply to start

Poem 4:
Do I have to work
No one seems happy
But, then again, no one’s happy anywhere
I want to move to Montana and sit on a porch

Poem 5:
And I’m all spoiled
From all my pamper
I can just sit here
And I am just sitting
So useless
But useless anyway

Poem 6:
Maybe by not doing anything I’m equaling it all out
I’m not out and about wrecking and havoc
So I don’t contribute, but I don’t take away

Poem 7:
He seems so happy to tell me
How I respond and back away
I can’t remember anymore why I hate him
Just that he’s there
And it’s been there a while
Then he yells at my brother
It all comes back

Poem 8:
I heard that hymnal song
From some band they played in the basement
Memory vodka hazy from the party with free pizza cups
Music brought it back
How the drink sweated against me
Make the music take it again

Poem 9:
I just eat and cry now
And make fun of myself in my head

Poem 10:
I scrape the finger pads down my thigh
In the beige shorts with blue paint stains
Watch how my skin depresses around
What could I do to make it all go away


11 thoughts on “10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Thirty-Two)

  1. bostonpoetry

    10 poems in 20 minutes every day? Impressive. I imagine it forces you to not overthink and just let the words fly. Have you taken any of the in-your-opinion-better ones and made something more of them?

    1. some bad plankton Post author

      Good call. Quite a few times, right after I hit the publish button, I’ve thought, “why that’s total, utter shit.” Then I proceed to rework the poem. Then pull it to pieces again. It turns out about fifty-fifty whether the reworked one is any better. Let me know if you’d like to see any of those.

      1. bostonpoetry

        Absolutely. I’m going to give this a try too. Thing is, I know that I can do 10 in 20 minutes. I just don’t know if I have the constitution or the memory to do it every day.

        1. some bad plankton Post author

          Well, give it a whirl see how the first day treats you. I can be your twenty-minute poem sponsor if you decide to stick with daily writing. Mmm, would you mind emailing me if you want to see any additional poems? I was thinking about sending some of those out to publishers, and I think they prefer unblogged work.

          1. bostonpoetry

            1) Uniformed men
            Envious green

            2) Burning Man
            and Burning Woman
            Kiss fire

            3) Brain screaming

            4) Scouting for journals
            The research librarian
            Was clueless

            5) Soaring out
            from the pine,
            a red-tailed hawk’s
            empty talons
            curse the squirrel
            shaking on a limb

            6) Controlling a child-
            Is it worse
            Than not controlling them?

            7) Presbyterian
            on Broadway

            8) Stuck on eight
            Right back ’round

            9) 1:11am
            I began writing
            I near the end

            10) Gorgeous raven hair
            She winks at me
            While she smokes

            finished 1:17am


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