10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Twenty-Nine)

It seems writing daily poetry keeps me grounded. Weight through words, how nice.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 29

Poem 1:
I can tell you about soaring love, battle beaten hearts
Lost lovers, memories of the dead, plagued tragedies of desire
Great open expanses of mountains and rivers
I can’t tell myself to do what needs to be done
To get all myself together, to routine for cash

Poem 2:
She walks with smiles under her palms
For the always righteous who agree with her
She opens up her hand
Offers the golden blessing of favor
Only to the good now ya hear

Poem 3:
Happiness only shows on my face to those who don’t know me
When I awkward around a conversation
There it lights itself
The smile of covering, nervous laugh
What a plague to the sad ones
To whom this brightness descends unbidden
Hides their social ungraces

Poem 4:
He asked, do you need money to print resumes
I know that can be expensive
Look at all that assumes, provider
I made a resume, sent it out, printed it, edited it
Cared enough to send it out
He assumes I can
Those who’ve never felt this trapped don’t understand
How you can’t

Poem 5:
He screamed at you this morning?
I head it through the vents
It must have been just as you woke up
Why did he yell?
Because I didn’t get up to go to school
Yeah he was yelling for like an hour
I’ll never understand; I don’t understand

Poem 6:
I should have left about seventy-five more cents
In that group
So I empties out what change I had
Stacked on paper
And he told me it’s rude to leave change
But other wise I short, thinking later I could have borrowed
Why didn’t you order less then

Poem 7:
Polite and nice are very different
Polite is required
Nice is given
Big cityers see them same
Not true
Watch me hate you with my politeness
Cold smiles, and curt questions, snubs with glances and shoulders

Poem 8:
I smell like my mother
I use now, back here
Her shampoo, wash, fluffy pink flooflah, soap
It goes in my hair the bottles she held
Grimy coming out of the shower

Poem 9:
Our long paneled wooden bench with flip down bank seats
For us polo’d collared boys
We argued over who got hit the worst
Stipe’s parents switched him
Kyle’s revoked
I want to have something to add with verbal

Poem 10:
No greater joy I explained
Taking off a bra after a tight dress day
Sit down with your knees not aligned
Able to shield down hair, makeup, shoes
And flop on couch unflattering, comfy


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