Yup, These Proportions Are Off

drawing of guy on street

just wave to me sometime or smile you know


10 thoughts on “Yup, These Proportions Are Off

  1. authormbeyer

    What media are you using? This looks like ink and paintbrush. Is it drawn on computer? I’m a pencil nut myself… graphite and colored pencil. I used to have a quill pen for ink, but I have used mostly ball point for 35 years.

      1. authormbeyer

        No feathers, just a nib that is separated in the middle to draw up ink. It then makes a mark like a beveled marker. I also used what is called a rapidiograph pen that makes a continuous straight line, Believe me, what we have now and can buy at Walmart is not only cheaper, but simpler to use.

  2. Willy Nilly

    When I showed your drawing to silly wee Willy Nilly, my pet dragon who dreams and chases his tail, he did his Snoopy dance and waved. His tongue flopped over his eyes, he lost his balance and fell. He was quite comical in his want to make you smile 🙂


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