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10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Twenty-Four)

Twenty-four days of live action poetry written under a time limit. Twenty-four is a good number.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 24

Poem 1:
She told, she’s had people abandon friends who are dying in hospice
They don’t know what to say so they don’t sit
Sit with me a while
For my cubicle death soul and his
Squared off vigil

Poem 2:
Find me a river
Let’s go dancing
Turning waves
Shot of breath
Breathe shorter and shorter

Poem 3:
I stalked up to the front of the class
Hi prof
You don’t know me but
How to tell a stranger you know, who has power over you
That a greater obligation calls your attention
No matter money spent
Regardless of infinite prior knowledge
My dad, he’s in surgery, if I get a call
I’m leaving
They have to say ok
Then as you walk back
Remember they’re a person
And ask if you’re all right

Poem 4:
I tell me at times
That I’ve got a good soul
And that I’m not quick to anger or threaten
Abhorrent violence
But how far has that been tested
If I could push a big red button
Could I know what I’d do
If I wasn’t there

Poem 5:
I only did as a child
Swung onto a held hand till the shoulder socket ached
Waved to strangers
Wanted to be big
Couldn’t hold on till I could ride a ride
Knew it would be better, not hoped

Poem 6:
Favorite hymn, I want that one played at my funeral
Because this guy, she said, wasn’t a believer
Had no hymn picked out
But the priest knew he was saved
Sung the brother’s favorite hymn instead
Respect the lived idea’s of the passed
He wouldn’t have wanted not to be in a church

Poem 7:
Waiting for this head space to clear
Then I see everything all filtered
By what I’m going to need now
In this certain position
From this different angle place in my head

Poem 8:
The pride comes from hope the second time around is all better
He sideline sits. Watches the big bulk son hit and scrape
This is glory

Poem 9:
I like to take an action many before have
Kinship over time with similar thoughts in mind
Like watching fire
Combing hair
Carving apples
Spilling cups
Clasping hands
Picking teeth
And slaughtering chickens
All to survive, we do it all to survive

Poem 10:
I’ll get up early tomorrow
Watch the sun come up over dingy dinghy neighborhood
Uneven concrete blocks
Tilting blue spruce pines
Remind myself that beauty hits everything
But it won’t be pretty tomorrow they’ll be clouds
This place will still be the same
Birds behind shutters

10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Twenty-Three)

Daily quickly, written poems. Coming at cha twenty-three days in and counting.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 23

Poem 1:
My Dad told me the time
With a proud grin, sly
He once had me help bake a cake
By sitting on my Grandmother’s floor
Stirring batter as a toddler
He recalled with glee
How uncomfortable she looked

Poem 2:
I notice bravado
Thinking how
I could never show that much confidence to the skies
What if I was wrong

Poem 3:
One at a time or in clumps they all left
Give me a look that says
I’m probably not going to invite you anywhere
They don’t even think much about it I bet
But I do
Because they’ve all ignored me
Do I seem mad or something?
It must be something I’ve done that I didn’t know I did
Or me
It’s probably me

Poem 4:
I received an email transaction
Take my message and in return give me your words
He asked, are you depressed
I give him an unopened letter box
What to say to that brazen display of forced caring

Poem 5:
I’m going to die in the middle of this state
Never to have left it
Less than fifty miles from my growing up
Done nothing
Loved nothing
Hardly mattered
Why do I need to change?
Change my effect
Alter my conditions
Make a mark
Am I scared that they’ll forget me?
To go away?
Be nothing?
Maybe nothing’s better
I could get away with a lot more for nothing

Poem 6:
She told me
If you want to take an alternate course
You have to work really hard to make it work
I told her in my mind
I don’t have the strength

Poem 7:
I said to him I don’t want to get married
He said, oh darn
He said that’ll make some guy sad someday
No it won’t
If he loves me he’ll understand
He said I don’t know if I could understand

Poem 8:
My brain all by it’s lonesome walks down this narrow path all by itself
And look at all the options it finds
All those plans and paths of dirt and dust have so many trailings
Leading to ruin and something wrong
So instead I make a nice seat here at the fork
And eat for a while
Till something strikes my fancy
She calls me to do
At that point I’ll have to get up or get out or get kicked out
But for now, I cry in a ball with chocolate, here at my fork

Poem 9:
I’m not particularly fond
Of found out

Poem 10:
My foot fell asleep so I couldn’t drag it away fast enough
To avoid the chitter of the home early
Now I’ve got updates an inane and banal
Great, I’m so informed

I Laughed Today

My favorite laugh
Burns slow, I think
Rumbles the belly
Shakes shoulders
Reminds what a smile feels like
And reminds to smile
And reminds you to laugh
Then you can’t stop
And it goes silent for a second
Before you remember why
Then you laugh again
Especially if someone else is there
It’s beautiful, you know
And I haven’t felt that in weeks
So my cheeks didn’t know what was happening
When I smiled
And I didn’t recognize the sound
I remembered why I hadn’t been laughing
And stopped myself