I Laughed Today

My favorite laugh
Burns slow, I think
Rumbles the belly
Shakes shoulders
Reminds what a smile feels like
And reminds to smile
And reminds you to laugh
Then you can’t stop
And it goes silent for a second
Before you remember why
Then you laugh again
Especially if someone else is there
It’s beautiful, you know
And I haven’t felt that in weeks
So my cheeks didn’t know what was happening
When I smiled
And I didn’t recognize the sound
I remembered why I hadn’t been laughing
And stopped myself

20 thoughts on “I Laughed Today

  1. Ron

    Thanks for stopping by photomania.Interesting take on laughter. Speaking of laughter, my other blog is called, Humorous Interludes. Lots of folks find themselves laughing when they visit. Maybe you will too. 🙂

  2. beingeternal

    Thank You for tickling my funny bone. I saw my true self while reading this post. Im still laughing. I dont know how to express what I am going through reading the words expressed here. This post resonates closely…………nope …. entirely with mine. Whatever you have expressed that runs through me every time…. every time I laugh. Not a single day goes on without this wonderful ritual. Ha ha 🙂


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