10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Twenty-Two)

Twenty-two days. I made it to a palindrome number; how exciting.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 22

Poem 1:
I can tell you who we are all together bound by ages
We are the hopeless that you’ve groomed with flashing attention
You will live, have love, continual to live out the better life
Took if all for you
Didn’t leave any extra goodies or packets of bonuses for the
Unspoiled children you made from the accidental pill slippage

Poem 2:
Really, I found out by accident
I am an accident
Not supposed to be here, I guess
I understand why she tried to hide it for so long
She said no that’s impossible, I’m sure, once she missed
I became a last ditch effort then
To hold the other child together with the couple
Almost already sure to part
Look at all the love I was born into
Brightside, she kept me

Poem 3:
Dying dog update
We took her to the vet, except it’s a new vet that doesn’t look like a hippy like the old guy
She lost almost five pounds
A tumor near her rear that may present a problem
Or just bad arthritis
If dogs could talk

Poem 4:
Can you hold me, I said
Just for a minute
Empty elevator
Just us
He looked at me with worry
Once we fit floor eleven
I said I’ll be fine
And watched him step back

Poem 5:
She said I’m not trying to upset you
If I’m upsetting you it’s not on purpose
Never her fault, if we feel hurt

Poem 6:
A jungle painted on the walls of the staircase with green concrete steps
My sister talked as she walked I heard her
I ran up to say hi, to be in the area of the older
And she looked at me
Smiled that doting one
Kept walking and talking

Poem 7:
I held up my hand as high as I could in the auditorium because he was wrong
He called on me
All the way in the back
I yelled as loud as I could
That painting on the wall isn’t racist even though they’re burning a black man on a cross
He made jokes
The room laughed, the seat neighbors forgot I sat there
He used his power so he didn’t have to talk about the art, only joking
But he’s depicting a real event to teach us about this history here in W100
He dodged me off with
No part of his curriculum

Poem 8:
Can I put ribbons in my hair if I don’t brush it
They wouldn’t be looking at you anyway

Poem 9:
We played a dates game
He gave us an event
We said the time period
Closest wins
He doesn’t play it now that we’re educated
He might be wrong

Poem 10:
He’s knows I’m online
I’m sure of it
He checked his contacts
Saw green check mark
Checked for me
I want to talk to him
For attention
Paid just to me


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