10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Twenty-One)

Twenty one days, if my days were years, my poems-a-day could officially drink.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 21

Poem 1:
I know
For sure
One thing and that’s it
And on every other day, I doubt I know that

Poem 2:
Six lanes of us all glided at the same speed
Our gilded cars together made something beautiful
We all swam together
We created a moving along congruously
For today, for now, we knew who was there
And we took for granted we all existed

Poem 3:
One Cajun place has the best bread
It’s got some sort of orange oil and spices
I don’t even think they make the bread there
But it’s good bread
I’d buy just the bread
I’d bring it to parties and be famous

Poem 4:
She spoke from Spain
Asking me to check her English
How do you correct a person a head of you

Poem 5:
We sat around a make shift circle on the short fuzzy gray carpet
Playing cards
With a dozen or so, double decked, decked out with colored vodka
I looked up and figured out that I was having a nice time
And couldn’t concentrate the rest of the night

Poem 6:
I told him my story
As succinctly as I could
He said, and I quote
I’m sad for you

Poem 7:
Let’s record me
So that records people in a hundred years can watch and catalogue us
So someone else can see my face
Then see my face looks just like

Poem 8:
They don’t tell you when you’ve done something uncouth
They stop talking to you and look away
And move their jaws like dog’s with peanut butter
Why didn’t someone tell me not to use that phrase or say
That’s an odd thing to do, people will look at you funny
It would have made me better

Poem 9:
Point where I can’t move
Frozen from guilt, shame, fear, paranoia, embarrassment, aghast
My eyes bug out
I have to say it’s ok to myself
And count the number of fingers connected to my palm
Then I can go back to more eyes and ears stuff

Poem 10:
The old boss man guy who was in charge of my work
Asked if I might drive him down to pick up his car it was
Only a few blocks down
And I stepped into the car
After meeting someone I knew and he didn’t
To drive the feet
I had to hike the beige pencil skirt so I could steer right
He looked at my leg. I saw him look. He saw me see him.
So I turned to drive.


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