10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Twenty)

I have written ten poems in twenty minutes for twenty consecutive days. To celebrate this momentous occasion I decided to make all my poetry rhyme. Apologies for the oncoming onslaught of suck.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 20

Poem 1:
When and if I cannot get out of bed
I call it my home in comfort and peace
I tell myself that’s ok, stay in your head
Then tomorrow we can start a new lease
A new chance for never to cease

Poem 2:
I suppose I should write about love
As that is the customary form of this beautiful dove
Each word I select
Seems to laugh as I detect
Any sort of rhyme
Before I run out of time

Poem 3:
Talk to me, you said
Tell me a story
But there’s nothing in my brain that isn’t dead
And all my tales with just the gory
Details of what rests in this sad little mind
You’ll have to wait and be kind

Poem 4:
I shall not be worse
No the next day it will all be so much better
I will not add a curse
If anything it will all be setter

Poem 5:
She said
I have a mind that cannot be fed
For it ravages and forages and finds no peace
And nothing you can add with endure any cease
To this tumult and chaos and grease

Poem 6:
Come and sit for a minute so that I can tell you how I came to be
It was through my family
For the first we see, is the first we compare, forever, see
And I was not good enough for them three
I will never be enough good for any other sea

Poem 7:
I took a shower
And went into this sun of mine
I did not cower
But stood fool in line
And greeted my ball of fire in my dower with sublime fine aligned

Poem 8:
I seek out these people I would and could speak to
I ask them questions askance
I test their answers, looking through
I put them around this difficult dance
Seeing if their mind can have fun with two

Poem 9:
Make me a river
So I can flower where I like
I scream at the deliverer
I have nothing I don’t strike
Push me away upriver

Poem 10:
As I sit and write this verse
I wonder if perhaps
I have let too much time elapse
As it takes much longer to write this little curse
I cannot be trusted with this non free verse


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