10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Nineteen)

NOTICE: In honor of twenty days of writing ten poems in twenty minutes, tomorrow, I will write only poems that rhyme. I really will. Don’t give me that look. Well, I’ll try.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 19

Poem 1:
If you’re late to your parents church,
You must walk past all the good congregation in the back,
Slink along the aisle,
And be shoved by lack of space into a pew much too close to the front.
So near you almost have to listen to the sermon.

Poem 2:
My Grandfather died on a Thursday
We had snow days, two in a row
I drove our exchange student to school
I wasn’t there
At lunch I went to the nurse I’d never seen before
I told her he died, instead of saying something to my table, then asked to cry there
I had to bug my exchange student to leave, she wanted to stay with her boyfriend
I hid it that well
Or she didn’t care

Poem 3:
She said will you take your brother home
I said no
She looked at me like after all I’ve done for you how could you refuse
And I fell from her guilt trip
But I returned home regardless
Guilty in an empty house

Poem 4:
She waits for me to climb the stairs
She looks to me to close the door
She watches me from below
I shut her out of this room
Then she skips up after me
And lays on her paws
She dies a little more
This dog that now looks to me

Poem 5:
She drove me to get mozzarella sticks at eleven at night
We had to discuss which Arby’s we could go to
Because the one sits next to some dicey housing
But the other’s out a bit too far.
Today, I contributed to the decline of a neighborhood. It’s a faulty system that falls on cheese and bread.

Poem 6:
He baptized a little boy today and used all three of his names
The wood box fountain held up some water
Masses spoke together
We did everything by the book of common worship
I imagined how long it would take this kid to start crying
Starting living
Stop believing
And become a true member of the world

Poem 7:
I realized I shouldn’t always win
When my grandparents took us to Blanche to play 500 Rum
I held the game with the old woman in the wheelchair
Pity filled the eyes of these old people who looked down at the greasy white hair
I held onto my eights, threw the round
My sister laughed that I lost such a lead

Poem 8:
She said you should get something you want when you can
I thought I want to leave and buy a house in Montana and never come back here
Sit on my porch with a rocking chair and laugh at grasshoppers or horses
I said thank you for buying me food, for it was food I had a taste for
She was so glad she could get me what I wanted

Poem 9:
Oh she acquired a boy
He hung on her shoulder
She lost weight
She still annoyed me

Poem 10:
I feel my own palm when I’m staring too long at my hands
I try and figure out if they’re soft or calloused
I see how much work I have left to do
Either with lotion and gloves or gloves and shovels


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