10 Poems in 20 Minutes (Day Fifteen)

This. I have written ten poems in twenty minutes for fifteen straight days. Seems impossible.

10 Poems in 20 Minutes
Day 15

Poem 1:
First time I decided not to share
I think I held back because no one noticed
Somehow they didn’t get to know because they didn’t see

Asphalt as the playground outside the box white pre-school, kindergarten, grade school
I wanted to run as fast as
So I did
I fell and skidded
I don’t remember the blood just the that the square and taped gauzy and white
It took weeks before I realized there were three big strikes on my knees not a red square
Mom never asked, still scarred
They didn’t get to hear what happened

Poem 2:
I saw her chase a fence squirrel
I didn’t think she had it in her
Maybe it is just dog arthritis
I’ll find her not breathing later
Stupid dog making me care

Poem 3:
Slammed the drawer so hard the whole front broke off
It just cracked I guess
Power to shut
No power to hold
Just like me then

Poem 4:
After I gained some weight
It’s easier to catch food when it falls on you
That’s nice

Poem 5:
I kept vigil while she drove just to check
Then I nightmared she didn’t see that car again
Turned to the other side
Folded pillow under my knee
Calling up all my tricks to see just the

Poem 6:
My one friend I sit with in a bar
She’s so different from me I take solace
She’ll ask exactly what you mean when you say that
Then keep asking till she’s figured it out and how it relates to her
My greyness, ambiguity and rhyme seek this plainness
Open to nothing but lines

Poem 7:
The zip code numbers made us friends
A cruel girl
Who straightened her straight hair
And talked Colbie Caillat
She talked out of your code
To tell those girls all you did
How you practiced making sexy faces in the bathroom mirrors

Poem 8:
He asked me to sew on the patch
Square and colored to show a new belt for kicking well and high
Broke the needle into my finger
He said you can finish later
There’s no hurry

Poem 9:
She sits and chats with her people she knows
You’re in that odd circle of standing people
But you don’t speak
They don’t talk to you
So you pull on her arm as hard as you can in your mind
Like she doesn’t even remember she’s obliged to you
They keep talking new colors for the concrete

Poem 10:
Pure red river honey
On the bottle
This bottle
My bottle
Rumbly tumbly mason jar
If I stuck my hand in that jar I could leave hand prints


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