10 Poems in 20 Minutes

Day 3: Oh my god three days in a row. Are any of these any good?

10 Poems in 20 Minutes

Poem 1:
Maybe not today.
Today already last too long.
I’ll go tomorrow.
For now, though, I’ll just keep to right here.
I think the sky is sweating anyway.

Poem 2:
When she feels guilty
She gives me what I’m supposed to need.
Reprimands as receipts
Apologies as sparkly greeting cards with one dollar bills tucked inside.
She raised us strong enough to be bought off.

Poem 3:
I hadn’t gotten to that yet but she told me to do it again.
You forgot to do this.
I haven’t had the chance.
Make the chance, make a change.
Don’t forget to do what you’re about to do.
I wasn’t being mean, I was just reminding you.

Poem 4:
We ate at a new place.
Everything tasted wrong because it tasted like it did.
So the portions were too small.
The service too slow.
The food too cold.
But the biscuit was ok.
I’d eat another biscuit.
Are you ready to leave?

Poem 5:
The dog lives with cancer.
Every time I pass her in the hall,
She sleeps.
I check to make sure she’s still breathing.
And there’s hope for the second between breaths.

Poem 6:
If I had gone to that other
If instead of going to the college right by, that safety one
Might I have met someone who didn’t look like someone I know
No, probably not.
Because I just spend my time thinking about what I didn’t do to make it any better
I can improve myself without having to do anything
I can say that I’ve learned something now
That there’s a maxim here somewhere.
Here’s the teacher’s lesson plan laid out in squares
My look at the golden starred memory of what you’ve learned
It wasn’t for nothing if you can remember and get better
It was all for something
And you were for something
So that’s okay then.

Poem 7:
I tried to frost a cake without enough icing
I just spread around the chocolate
And the pieces stuck to the knife
All the waves got tidbits gunk
They ate it though

Poem 8:
When my mom cooks she doesn’t eat it
She asks us how the food tastes
She looks as though she expects a different answer
If you say it’s great, then you’ll have to eat this again
If you say ok, she’ll ask what’s wrong
If you say you’re not hungry you’ll end up on medication
If you say it’s not very good, you get glares
If you say I don’t really like it, you get over zealous offers to fix something else
I cook alone now.
I don’t ask anyone how it tastes. I can eat it myself.

Poem 9:
Suddenly, I speak and find nothing of worth
I talk to speak back to the face
I’m not saying anything
Face says nothing
I’m just sending waves his way
Polite, I guess.
Curtsey to the trained mind

Poem 10:
I get frustrated when I fasten my bra and my hair gets caught underneath the strap, especially if the hair is still wet.
Because then, I have to pull it out from elastic
Popped hair pains. And it sticks to my fingers.
It won’t go away.
I won’t cut it.
I won’t cut it out.
Hair no longer there.


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